Monday, May 30, 2011

PLR and Controversy

By A. David Beaman
If you know me, you know I specialize in PLR – High Quality PLR.  I love the stuff.  To me it levels the playing field within Internet Marketing, enabling the individual on a limited budget to get in the game and be a worthy competitor.
Take, for instance, my situation.  I could write, however, I had a problem coming up with ideas for what to write about.  PLR gives me a starting point on which I can build.
I also had a time constraint problem.  To be successful online, an individual has to spend a lot of time marketing.  Writing original articles in quantity takes time.  Outsourcing to obtain high-quality, custom articles that were publication ready and that would be readily acceptable saved me a lot of time and increased my profitability by quite a bit.
However, there is some controversy around PLR that I have recently come upon, and which is being addressed by the leaders in the PLR niche.  This generally has to do with the ethics of PLR, i.e. whether claiming material written by others as your own by putting your name on it as the author is ethical.
In my opinion that is way less of an ethical issue than that of the seemingly increasing amount of false claims for products made by Internet Marketers who have products sold through Clickbank in the E-business & E-marketing section of their marketplace, which, I have heard,  have been banned from advertising by at least one of the major search engines.
That leads me to something that I find laughable and the height of hypocrisy.  I recently submitted my PLR membership site to the Clickbank marketplace.  I did this because I thought that their managing of my affiliate program for that site would save me time.  But you know what?  The site was rejected because, according to Clickbank, they do not accept sites that sell PLR products.
There was no other bar to their acceptance of my site.  It met all of their other criteria, other than that it is a site that sells PLR, and high quality PLR at that.
This is hilarious to my sense of humor since they sell products that are created using PLR.  Furthermore, most of the products in their E-business & E-marketing section have been created through outsourcing.  And what is PLR if it is not part of outsourcing since in a sense it is a product that you buy which someone else has created.  And whether you modify it or not, it began as someone else’s creation.
What can I say?  I have no regrets.  And that experience with Clickbank gave me something to write about in this article.  So, you see, you can abundantly find topics to write about online if you can write.  And if you can’t, you can always use PLR.  It is all a part of the wonderful, challenging and wacky world of Internet Marketing.
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